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Written by Leo on June 8th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

Google received mixed reactions from Google enthusiasts .Google have been trying new layouts with search results, which had undergone 3 changes, these included; the screen grab shows the new pastel colour scheme, with the most notable changes being the removal of the anchor tag underline from each of the search titles, the addition of white space under each title, the removal of the ‘cached’ and ‘similar’ links from under each search (which is discussed in this article) and the addition of a faint line between each result. The changes to note here are that the URLs for each of the searches now appear directly underneath the title of each result, another notable change was the speed of the search and the amount of listings returned between the two versions. The new Google came back with over twice as many results yet took under half the time to process, making it more efficient and giving a greater depth of search results. What do you think?

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