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The "Launch Pad" is a diary containing all the activities leading to our big launch of the "All in One SEO package" in 2012. Here you will find updates on what we are working on, and what we have planned for the future, ENJOY the ride! You can also follow our journey using Twitter and Facebook.

SEO Manchester – LUV Media the story so far…

Written by Martin Horton on April 19th, 2011. Posted in Launch Pad

LUV Media has always been on my mind since Smart Designers started in 2004, my main goal was to eventually have my own SEO company as this was a very interesting arena and I loved the buzz and hype in the search engine optimisation space.

Now in 2011 I have prepared myself to take the SEO industry on in a big way, I have studied hard in every aspect of SEO  and notice that the competition in this industry is farce – however I have noticed that most SEO companies only do a fraction of what I have learned from the masters.

LUV Media has been born. Stage 1 has now been completed (Blog setup) and now I am moving onto Stage 2 – Content Curation, first I am going to research each of my client industries and find great content, grab the RSS feeds and curate the good stuff! This will produce lots and lots of pages on my client blogs (the more pages we have indexed by the might Google the better).

Just love this stuff!

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