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Written by Leo on June 10th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

This article discusses different types of actionable link building techniques that you can go away and start using straight away. The techniques involve using a software called Screaming Frog, There are a couple of creative ways you can use it for link building, such as; Use it to help you get a hook in your outreach, Use it to snipe competitors links, Revamp old content and data that got links, Start doing weekly roundups of industry news.

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Written by Leo on June 9th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

“All of us want to build up the reputation and authority of our websites, the thing is that a lot of people, when they’re trying to build up their reputation and authority and the rankings of their website”,  Rand said as he discusses some competitive link analysis tips using Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer. It’s a tool that we here at SEOmoz use and tons of people like it, Open Site Explorer is pretty simple, has a nice, easy-to-use interface. You basically search for a URL up at the top, and it shows you all the places that Open Site Explorer, that the Linkscape Index knows about that link to that particular page.

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Written by Leo on June 7th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

Google News was not really on the target list of SEOmoz’s for traffic source for several reasons, until recently when Rand’s post on April about White Hat SEO went berserk and made traffic frenzy on Google news. The post recorded a whopping 8000 visits in only 2 days! Why that particular post? Find out on this article.

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Should I hire Social Media Experts?

Written by Leo on June 6th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

Peter Shankman, the founder of HARO (a service that connects journalists to subject matter experts) put up a controversial post last week entitled “I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert and Neither Should You”. The full piece makes a passionate case, but an entirely false one. There’s no evidence, only opinion; no examples, just speculation; no data, but loads of stereotyping. The author is certainly one of the premier benefactors of social traffic and of a new, more socially-connected web, yet he somehow manages to ignore the benefits social media has brought him (and his clients/company) to write a scathing dressing-down of anyone who dares claim expertise in this marketing discipline.

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