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Google penalties

Written by Leo on May 28th, 2011. Posted in SEO Tips

Are you wondering why your website/s traffic and income had gradually declined in the traffic pyramid with no apparent reason? Then you may have committed a Google Penalty without anyone telling you how and why.

There are two types of penalty: automated, where the search engine algorithm has detected Black Hat or quality issues, incurs a short, pre-determined penalty, and manual, a removal from the Google index for a more serious issue means that an issue has to be fixed and resubmitted before Google makes it visible for inclusion in search results. In both cases it takes time to recover previous rank positions for keywords.

This is part of Google’s plan to improve the quality of websites for internet users, your website should have good quality, original, has quality, loads and navigates well. It also should not use any techniques to trick either the user or the search engine.

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